Lincoln Center Concrete Chic At Fashion Week

In 2005, fashion icon and designer Nicole Miller launched a flirty, feminine, stylish and affordable fashion line at JCPenney department stores called nicole by Nicole Miller and has been designing dressy and casual clothes ever since for people of all ages and sizes.

When you are searching online for your eyewear, there will be so many styles, shapes, and colors to choose from that you will want to buy several pairs to coordinate with your outfits. You may opt for black sunglasses with rhinestones on the side. How about pink, blue, red, green, or even purple with cute geometrical designs on the side? Even just your normal black or brown is still very classy. There are so Parachute Eccentricity many choices. So whatever you decide to wear, it will definitely make you feel trendy and be noticed.

I want to thank Marie Claire for being ahead of the style curve and for reminding us that we should all embrace the uniqueness that makes us so special. I will continue to subscribe simply because of this section alone. While I love the fashion contents provided each month by Marie Claire, I love this section most of all!

The WD mesh bib necklace dates back to the 1970 and 80s. The toughest question you’ll have to ask yourself is what color (silver or gold are the most common). I just bought my necklace in silver and am looking forward to using the statement maker to jazz up my casual wear. I’m thinking a loose white tee and jeans cut off shorts when summer roles around This is a loud piece so you want to keep o lech tam everything you wear with it super simple.

Nearing the end of our interview, I posed the question that some designers find it hard to answer, to describe her work in three words. Giving her time to think, she came up with “simple,simple,chic.” “I want it to be effortlessly simple, I don’t want it to be something that you can’t get into. I want it to hold its own. Sometimes I think we think too hard , the chic is for people that do, you don’t have to think to wear my designs. I already did the thinking for you. There are two different types of simple. It is the working girl the person that doesn’t want to lose Parachute eccentricity herself in the office. But she has on a chic piece that makes her stand out, yet is still simple herself.” Finally I asked her who is Erica Reid, her response, “a dreamer”..a perfect summation.

Gaultier is attempting to bring some simple fashion on the streets of Paris to the United States and the designs are varied and tasteful so I believe he has done a good job overall. All of the clothes look good, none seem overly done or too tacky, and in general women and juniors should love the looks and styles at Target.

Because hair and make-up are influenced by fashion and fashion is influenced by the world, I try to spend a lot of time exploring the world. Attending at least five classes and seminars here and abroad every year inspires and drives me. As an educator I have access to vast continuing educational opportunities and get to participate in the creation of trends. Working on photo shoots and fashion shows are fun energizing. It’s like playing dress up and demoing different ideas. My amazing clients and professional peers challenge me and teach me so much. Working at Cristophe Salon and getting to work with the man himself adds fuel to my drive. I used to watch him on VH1 interviews and now I get pick his brain!

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