10 Top Interview Tips

So you’re a recruitment consultant, you have a good vacancy with a good client. You have established a decent relationship. To begin with you check on your database of candidates looking for this type of job a few months back but you’ve drawn a blank. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation like this before, you think this is going to pass you by. In reality however, if there is somebody out there and you don’t find them, somebody else will. If somebody else does, they will make a fee out of it and you won’t.

It’s done in exactly the same way as face to face networking. For example, you meet someone at a party (Facebook or Twitter) who learns that you are a swlocums.

I dare to ask why she left that position. She informs me that everyone was horrible and she hated her boss. No, no, no. Why on earth would she think it was a good idea to tell me that?

Therefore I will suggest how Salt Lake City firms can best pick contingent recruiters to help them staff their teams. How do you pick the recruiter to help you be more successful attracting and delivering the best qualified and the best fit candidate? It is important to interview contingent recruiters prior to selecting them to spend time recruiting for you.

If you are out of work and are looking for employment, you could be taking this time to do some courses which will help you to appeal to a broader market. The more skills you have the better you are going to appear both on your resume and in an interview. Being pro-active and wanting to further your skills and qualifications no matter how relevant to a particular job, will be sure to impress any employer as it shows you are willing to learn.

Preparation for a telephone interview is as important as preparation before any other form of interview or meeting. The impression you create in the opening moments, and the manner with which you present yourself will determine whether or not you will be successful.

If it’s crucial that Mr Brown has to hire a ready-made expert, you probably aren’t going to get the job. But you could try to keep the door open by saying ‘Well, if you don’t find what you’re looking for Mr Brown, please call me as I’d be really keen to join your company’.

Whether you are applying for an accounting role or applying for a number of recruitment jobs, there are a few very important basic interview tips all job seekers should keep in mind. I hope our list of the top tips for nailing your interview has given you some extra pointers on how to get the job you want and ace that all important interview.