5 Tips For A Ripped Six Pack Before Summertime

When people first take up golf, they need less equipment than they may realize. You won’t need the fancy equipment until you’ve learned more about the basics of the game. You won’t really benefit from the more advanced equipment until then. As you put together your starter golf kit, keep these important tools in mind.

A golf ball finder is another wise investment. You can find a pair of special eyeglasses that eliminate the grass from your view making it easier to spot your ball. Beginners benefit from golf ball finders for two main reasons. First, this will help you lose fewer balls as you learn the game. Second, it will help you see where your ball is going once you’ve hit it. If your ball consistently veers to the left or right of where you aim, it will also help you identify any problems with your swing.

Stroke your business client’s ego. Did they have a bad golf game? Tell them you’ve never been able to score half as good as their worst par on a good day. Make sure you don’t come across like a suck up.

Could you imagine not drinking all day at work, no coffee, no water, and no diet soda? At the end of an 8-hour shift, you would be dying of thirst. This is why you should start rehydrating immediately after a full night’s sleep. From now on, drink at least 16 ounces of chilled water as soon as you rise in the morning. This boosts metabolism by 24 percent for 90 minutes afterward. It has been proven that muscle cells grow faster when they’re well hydrated. Get in a habit of guzzling at least a gallon of water over the course of a day.

5) Develop a steady and easy to follow exercise or Follow my golf program. Try to make it fun and make sure it does what it is supposed to do — exercise your major body muscles to burn calories and exercise the heart.

Take a look around the PGA tour these days and you’ll see more and more of the pros working out including using weights to get in shape and stay in shape.

While golf may be a relaxed sport, it is of utmost importance to understand what is happening around you at all times during your round. You should be ready to play as soon as it’s your turn. Remember, other golfers are patiently waiting on you so they can have their turn.

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