8 Ways On How I Built My Business On Linkedin.

Your professional image is largely determined by what’s on your LinkedIn profile. Don’t think for a minute that any – and I mean any – employer who considers hiring you won’t Google you and vet your LinkedIn profile.

Have a strategy: Understand that there are a good number of social networking websites available right now you could use. But that does not mean that you sign up with everyone. Being everywhere does not help. So have a strategy that will help you choose the sites that will help your business. Choose sites that make sense. Instagram or Pinterest may be great for a particular business, but Twitter may be better for yours. Understand what is good for your business and use it.

Use Watch my profile ‘s Professional Headline to sell yourself. This is the most important part of your profile. When you join Groups in LinkedIn, a small profile of you will show up on the left hand side when you’re participating in group activity. Gerry Black, Helping Small Businesses Identify and Fix Costly Marketing Gaps is going to give me a lot more marketing traction than Gerry Black, Owner, Relax Communications. Simply go into Edit Your Profile and edit your headline to say what you want it to say. Now! Or you won’t do it.

The next step was to format a flash drive. Since the image file was close to 3 GB, I purchased a 4 GB SanDisk Cruzer. Any brand will work but I wanted one with an LED so I could tell there was activity on it. I used the HP Disk Storage Format Tool to format the USB drive using the NTFS setting. The Format Tool is available from a number of sites.

Follow-up, follow-up – You probably have a bunch of business cards somewhere on a drawer or on your desk from people you met last year at networking event. Did you use those cards in anyway to build your network and grow your business? For sure if the cards stay in your drawer you won’t get any business or referrals from those people. Pick-up the phone, call them to learn more about their business, ask them how you can help them. Give them advice, resources or referrals. Meet them for a coffee, contact them on a regular basis with a phone call, a greeting card, send an article of interest, send them your newsletter, or connect them with other people. Track what you do to make sure you are always in communication with them.

Another important behavior is printing. This apparently isn’t supported right now. I tried using the print commands in the various apps. Mostly I received error messages. In Gmail the only choice was Print to File. I didn’t really expect there to be support for explicit printers. That will be a difficult proposition for Google, I think. But probably a necessary one.

I have developed these 6 rules over the last 5 or 6 years, and they work! Your resume will escape the ATS and hopefully land you the job of your dreams. Happy hunting and let me know how your job search goes.

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