Bathroom Designs And Upgrades

What’s the difference in function between shower curtains and shower screens? Talking about simple functions, you may not find a difference between the 2. Both function to shield and stop shower spray from straying to other bits of the can and the bathroom. Nonetheless you’re definite to find a number of differences between shower curtains and shower screens in their classy effect and value.

If the curtains are made of cloth, one must follow all the necessary washing instructions that are given for the material. Washing should be done very carefully so that no harm is caused to the material.

I quickly scrolled through the pages to see all the available stuffs that they had on shower curtains. I found what I exactly wanted for my bathroom; an ocean and sand colored best shower curtains. It was just the perfect color for me as it completely matched with my bathroom tiles.

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Displaying framed painting and collectibles on shelf added to a wall could give your bathroom a fresh look. Putting your soaps, bath salts and pretty toiletries in antique bowls or shaving mugs and add colored beads and cheap faux pearl necklace to it for a romantic effect. You can also add aroma candles to your vanity counter-top or near your bathtub. In a master bath or a large bathroom, you may have the luxury of space to add outdoor furniture such as a wicker table or chair. Accent lighting can be done around a beautiful painting or on top edge of the wall tile using low-voltage strip of lights.

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If a big bulky frame isn’t your thing, you should look at frameless over-bath screens. These screens are for baths that are surrounded on three sides. They cover the half of open side that the shower is on. They’re more visually appealing than traditional bath screens because they don’t have big metal frames. The problem I with these screens is that water can splash around the outside or through spaces between the screen and the tub. These screens are best for bathrooms with tile or flooring that won’t get water damaged. Frameless screens are available fixed, or with a hinge so they can open and close.

So remember, if you’re considering changing the face of your bathroom, it doesn’t have to be hell. Try one of these ideas and you’ll soon be relaxing in the bathroom of your dreams.

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