Before Tips – Divorce Lawyer’s Tips

There is a saying that comes and goes every now and then. They say that gold goes up in recessions and depressions. There is something true about it. Just think about the status of the gold for the past 5,000 years. The last decade is a good landmark, too. For all this time, gold was considered to be a safe-haven.

Anything of sentimental value. Movers do not want the responsibility of handling your family heirlooms, albums, baseball card collections, and the like. Take anything irreplaceable with you or place it in a Safe deposit box for sale.

Put your cell phone on ICE! Add a contact to your cell phone and name it: In Case of Emergency. Then list whom you would want to be contacted in the case you ended up in the hospital. Hospitals are now checking cell phones for emergency contacts.

Gather all your papers and put them in a pile next to your comfy chair where you will be sorting. Retrieve papers from the office, the car, your purse, the dining room table, kitchen counter tops, and every other place you have stashed your papers. You are creating one large pile of all the papers that need to be sorted and filed. Don’t let the size of the pile intimidate you. If you follow this plan, sorting will go faster than you may think.

Wrong executor: Name an executor who will manage your estate from the time of your death until the time that your assets are distributed. This is a big job, so make sure the person has the time and the ability to do it. Also name a backup in case the chosen person refuses the job at your death.

Go virtual: For shopping online, there are “virtual” card numbers. These are randomly generated credit card numbers that are disposable and that on-line shoppers use once and throw away. It’s linked directly to your real credit card account so purchases show up on your monthly bill. The service is easy to use – and it’s FREE! All you need to do is register with companies offering the virtual card, and they are MBNA, Discover, and Citigroup.

Many of us forget that were it not for what we carry in our wallets or in our purses, we’re all John and Jane Doe’s if we can’t speak due to injury or are unaccompanied by someone who knows us. How much less stressful is it to know that in a bank box, no matter where you are, there are items that can verify your identity. Better to be safe, than sorry!

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