Choosing A Website Host

WordPress is the leading blog server today. One can have as many blog to run and can seriously earn money from affiliate marketing. WordPress is a serious platform that really works in providing a system in which anyone can actually get into. This is the same reason why there are hackers who can get a certain blog for himself in order to corrupt or benefit from it.

Most people overlook the simple fact that images can be SEO optimized. Whenever you add an image to a hide wordpress security plugin, you are able to add a title, alt text, caption, and also description. All of these fields can be added with keyword rich information.

Here are some things I learned the week of coming back from being hacked. It wordpress security plugin can and will probably happen to you. I had gone five years on the internet without being hacked and got lazy. I had several domains being hosted together. I didn’t keep them all updated with the newest plug-ins and themes. There is such a thing called cross contamination of sites that share a hosting spot. And if your site has outdated items on it that becomes an opening for hackers and then it just spreads. I had a backup plug-in but when I went to check to see how to get the site back it didn’t cover all of the different areas of the website. It was worth the amount of money I paid for it. Zero.

Plugin Orgy – When people find out about plugins they want to get into bed with every one of them. WordPress plugins are interesting, effective and attainable so of course people love them. I know that there are must have plugins. People have to be more picky though! You can’t just add plugin after plugin into WordPress.

All of this duplicated content is picked up by the search engines and they quickly notice the plethora of blogs displaying the same articles. And when the search engines apply their filters, you are left without any traffic on your website. So, what is the alternative for the automated blog?

Take the Gospel to the streets, but make sure this is presented as professionally as possible as this may be the one and only image of Christianity that some people get top see so make it a good image.

WORDPRESSCP25 reduces the first invoice by 25%. If you are paying a year or more in advance this gives a significant saving. In fact it reduces the lowest monthly equivalent price to $3.71.