Email Marketing For Today”S Business

Over the last few years we’ve all seen viral videos. Most are stupid, cute or revolting. However there is still power in the concept and potential for massive traffic from using it. I would like to share some of my ideas on the topic with you.

This is the most common mistake made by aspiring internet marketers through videos. They are so focused in creating a very funny video that they end up stepping on the ego of most viewers. Instead of causing a good impact in the number of views you have, it will most likely do the contrary. This is the main reason why you should consider morals as well while planning about your videos. Anticipate the reaction of most of your viewers — if they would like the Content Samurai Free Trial you are covering or not.

No. Since the purpose of Auto Blog Samuraiis to automatically ‘feed’ content creation to your blogs and other sites there’s no need to have a website, domain name or hosting service for this to work since the major blog sites like WordPress and Blogger can be joined and used for free.

Yes. This software program will keep updating your blog each day automatically with out clicking a single button. Automation is the key to long term internet marketing success.

Traffic Geyser automates some simple tasks and can save a busy online marketer a lot of time. It has been around for four years and comes with a $99 a month price tag. Traffic Geyser may be one the most comprehensive marketing tools on the net today. It is designed to make SEO fast and easy. The program submits videos and then links them to high ranked sites. This will allow the user to rank high in the organic searches.

The first thing you need to do is create a prioritized schedule. I used a schedule template I got in MLSP which breaks my day down into 30 min increments. I use it to block content samurai out segments of time for certain tasks. I schedule personal development and personal fitness, as well as work for my employer and work for my own business. I make it as detailed as possible. This is my overall schedule.

The above scenario of Harry the Heavy Hitter, or a company shut down, is less likely to affect the Monitium rep because the Monitium structure offers several partner companies and the ability for its reps to create multiple streams of income, all in One Place.

Try to get your video out on as many web pages as you can. You Tube is only one stop for your video. Offer to allow someone else to advertise on your web page in return for giving you space on their website. Research other ways to get your online marketing video out to the masses. You could have the best and most entertaining video out there but if no one sees it, that really does not matter.

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