Fun Office Christmas Activities

There is no one, single way to celebrate Christmas. Everyone has their own unique way of celebrating the festival. One of the most common ways to ring in the Christmas spirit is to have a Christmas party. However, the scale differs from person to person. Some people like a boisterous party while others prefer a low key, quiet affair.

The menu could include Cajun recipe pulled pork, extra spicy coleslaw, homemade French-fries, hot rolls with real butter, beer, and of course ending with poker for just the guys. Since it’s too hot inside until the sun goes down, I thought that I’d serve it outside using the picnic table that just happens to be in the shade! Prior to dinner, some of the guys might enjoy a dip in the pool, so my invitations have suggested bringing a bathing suit.

Next, you need a structure to the day. Do you want to have party games at the office, followed by a Christmas lunch that bleeds into an evening of socialising? Or would you prefer to have a late afternoon/evening meal followed by a disco of some kind? By deciding on a rough outline of how the day will unfold, it’ll be easier to find the other pieces.

Now if you are having a big party of mostly friends as your guests, you may keep it light and simple. You can actually serve the all-time favorite shrimp cocktail. Other food ideas that won’t require dinnerware are chicken lollipops, crackers stuffed with cheese and salmon and many others.

Although it is true that it is impossible to really please everyone, there are still some things that can be added or done to make that party fun for everyone. Here are some Event ideas that might be of help to anyone tasked with organizing for the event.

You want to avoid some things at a Summer party so that you can give your guests the best atmosphere and the highest level of comfort. You will want to avoid foods that are too hot. You do not want to be bland with your food choices, but at the same time you will want to think cool, even with the food. Think light foods that are not heavy on the stomach which can cause discomfort in the heat of summer.

What is the name, address and phone number of the nearest hospital or urgent care facility? (This information should be included on your health form/parent release.). What is the most direct route from the venue?

Remember, above all, to have fun. It is the Christmas Party after all, and it is a chance for you to let your hair down. Don’t worry about things not going quite according to plan. As long as everyone is having a great time, they probably won’t notice. Just remember the food!

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