Getting Life Coaching Online For Yourself

This is why I don’t do in-person networking–I just feel like a complete cheese ball schmoozing with folks, so I’ve sort of found a little marketing oasis (the internet) where I can meet folks around the world every day and where I don’t need to put on the dreaded business suit in order to mingle.

Start an Working out together. Create a place where people can connect and talk about related things. A forum with message posting is a great place to start a community. When things are up and you have many members, you can put ads on the site to promote a product.

Join two or three online forums that are somehow connected to what you are marketing. If you’re promoting skate boards, go to Google and type in “skate board” +forums, or go to their Forums link and type in Skate Boards. Once you’ve found a couple of online forums, visit regularly and offer opinions and advice, or answer or ask questions. Make sure to put your new affiliate URL and a few lines of copy in your signature box at the end of each post. One word of warning though. Don’t under any circumstances promote your affiliate products in your posts. Doing so will quickly get you kicked out of the forums.

Before you actually post a new thread, reply other member’s post in order to get their attention and trust. Replying on post will now lead you to introduce yourself as a new member so that people will know you. In your first 2 weeks, do not advertise any product. Just contribute to the posts, answer related questions and praise top performers. By following this process, you are gradually build trust which will help you market your products.

This is actually a very good idea to do. Soon you will be known as the resident “internet marketing expert” who can help others successfully promote their business online. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you will find marketing consultants at the chamber also, and you could network with them to come up with some of the best ideas that there are for earning more money online.

While reading and posting to the different forums you get such a great education on how to run a successful business whether it is a brick and mortar, or internet business. So many possibilities open up to you. Things like partnerships, creating and putting out new products, website building, learning html, and so on.

This kind of success isn’t achieved by sending out daily e-mail blasts, trying to be seen everywhere, or generally annoying people. It’s achieved by having a clear focus, a defined target audience, an optimized website, and an authentic voice behind it all. Put these elements in place and you will be on your way to creating online visibility that produces real results.

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