Ghost Gurlz: Introducing An All Female Paranormal Investigation Team

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Todd: So there’s a lot of entertainment that you know if it’s not real, but I mean. You don’t have to be somebody that’s just ‘o I really need to get a message to the other side’. I mean, there’s just a simple feeling you get, because there’s nothing like the thrill of Halloween, being scared. A lot of people have always enjoyed that type of thing.

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Two murders have taken place at Carter’s Tavern. In addition, someone is buried in the back yard. When someone dies as a result of foul play, a haunting can result.

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We’re getting better with this one, though I admit the talk was a little too formal for my taste at first. Don’t let that scare you off as it gets a little better. I do like that the author is open to all theories and he has some good example photos in there on fakes and simple things like the camera strap. He covers equipment demons spirit best drop away arrow rest guides and other phenomena. This is more of a scientific look at the paranormal than you may be used to, but not a bad read.

TODD: Well, in my world, in the world where I work with missing and unidentified, we’ve all had this question, If they can talk, why don’t these people see that they have family members looking for them? Why can’t they just tell us, or give us a message and lead us to the point, or is it just totally irrelevant to them?

Keep it fun! Let them know how proud you are of them. Praise, praise, praise them when they do something right. That way they will associate it pleases you, and they will do it again and again.

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