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I was recently speaking to a Women in Law group. They had requested a program about stress management from the perspective of balancing work and life. After talking about time management (managing priorities), we were lead to the obvious concern about what is essential for a happy, healthy life. I listed the following areas important for your consideration.

Tip Envelope/gift: To chefs’, waiters, service man, bridesmaid review that you have made all envelopes with name or if you are giving gift, make sure all are packed. Do not forget to decorate it in a elegant way with a frill and a flower. Have few blank envelopes with you also.

To make the wedding day overall success, there is a need for well-made strategies. A schedule has to be made, perhaps in a written format to get things organized, tasks accomplished; hair& make up to be done, people to be invited and a hundred tiny details to look after. Especially if you are a bride, the anxiety level may shoot up high pertaining to so many targets to be fulfilled.

When packing, the primary supplies that you will need are packing tapes and a lot of sturdy boxes. You can get the for free in many department stores nearest you or better yet, you can purchase them from your hired mover. Boxes that are sold by professional movers are more reliable than those you can get for free from local stores. But no matter where you get your boxes from, the most important thing is that they are guaranteed To do list online be sturdy and strong enough for storage and transportation.

Maybe I’d led a sheltered life up to this point having gone to Pinecrest in North Hollywood for kindergarten and first grade, but El Dorado was where I would learn about prejudice. I’d know kids from Pinecrest that were not white, seems to me my best friend John Thomas was probably from India, so kids with different colored skin was nothing new. The hatred that came along with it was a new experience. I remember being called ‘white patty’ and in pretty short order learning to dislike and eventually hate anyone with brown skin, all because I was mistreated constantly by the kids with the brown skin. By 4th grade I’d started hearing about gangs and one of the local Mexican gangs in perticular. Fernando, Armando and the others, all they could or would talk about was how they wanted to join this gang.

This occurs when money is taken directly out of your paycheck each week, bi-weekly or monthly to pay your government debt. It is likely to be handled in part by the government and your employer, unless you are self-employed or unemployed. This creates an awkward situation between you and your employer. They know you have money issue and might feel uncomfortable continuing to employ you without an explanation for the problem. You might also feel embarrassed because you have made a mistake and everyone knows you are now being made to clear it up. Instead of having this process handled through your employer and your paycheck, consider dealing directly with the government. There are several options you have for fixing the problem without your employer even knowing what is going on.

With a good initial cleaning, and just a small amount of effort, you can have a well organized, clean refrigerator in your home. It will be easier to find what you want, when you want it, and you will no longer have to deal with finding mystery containers buried at the back of the fridge.

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