How To Best Prepare Yourself For Meditation

I’ve been studying meditation for years. What I find particularly interesting about meditation is that there are way too many methods available to really still the mind. One begins to wonder if they’re doing things right, which defeats the purpose of stillness.

Imagine (visualize) scenes where you are walking about in a bubble of zen meditation baltimore energy, where you are meeting external chaos with equanimity. Feel how good that feels! Make it a visceral thing. A real bodily sensation. This step isn’t about indulging the rational mind; it is about creating a physical experience through visualization.

If you become heavy and sleepy, use the noting “sleepy, sleepy” but now be vigorous and sharp with the words. Use them like a dash of cold water in your face to wake yourself up. Only be vigorous and sharp when you have to rouse the mind. Otherwise be slow, gentle and relaxed.

Binaural meditation is a bit like using music to meditate, but it uses what is known as binaural beats. With the use of binaural beats, you will be able to put yourself in relaxation mode. Individuals who use binaural meditation are surprised with how powerful it is as it quickly transforms them into a calming state.

Unnecessary data means unpleasant memories, unwanted thoughts and emotions. You need to wipe out those data so that mind has more space for productive and creative thoughts. Mind becomes more intelligent. When the crystallization of the mind happens it will be easy for you to change yourself. Changing yourself means changing your attitude and the belief systems.

Briefly, to some meditation is a naturally occurring rest state. Your body already knows how to meditate. The body has an ability to shift into a rest stare to heal, energize, integrate, and tune itself up. When you meditate you are resting more deeply then you do in sleep.

I’ve come to define meditation as a state of stillness to further one’s awareness. I’ve spent time doing what I term “formal” meditation, sitting and quieting the mind. I’ve practiced walking meditation, a total awareness of my surroundings and actions as I moved. In the end, I’ve dropped both practices and moved into what I’ll term as creative meditation. Or how I now practice meditation through creativity.

Besides this meditation bench, there are various other types of comfortable chairs available in the market to give you comfortable sitting for long hours. One of this type is back jack chair which is very comfortable and keeps you sit straight for longer hours.

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