How To Keep Your Dog Healthy With These 3 Easy Tips (And He Will Love It!)

Veterinarian Dr. Usha Kappagantula of Banfield Pet Hospital, a Vet Clinic in Carmel, Indiana recommends antiseborrheic shampoo to remove scaly dog skin. That’s a fancy name for anti-dandruff formula. She notes that people-shampoo may have too much alcohol in it. Dr. Usha often prescribes shampoo with salacylic acid or chlorehexedrine for severe cases. But she emphasizes that severe dog dandruff always has an underlying cause that a vet needs to diagnose. Among such causes are allergies, parasites, thyroid/endocrine problems and hormonal imbalances. The rates at Vet Clinics such as Banfield Pet Hospitals may be lower than your local veterinarian’s.

Some of the underlying issues should be evident such as a parasite problem. Your dog may also be reacting to allergies, atopy, Cheyletiellosis, pyoderma and Malassezia. Other concerns may be such conditions as demodicosis; dermatophytosis; endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, Cushing’s, sex hormone imbalance); pemphigus foliaceous; mycosis fungoides (this disease can be very pruritic); chronic steroid administration; dietary reasons (fatty acid deficiency); and environmental factors (low humidity).

Daily supplements such as shark liver oil, premium oyster powder, wild sockeye Lakseolie kat, and astaxanthin do wonders for the body. They help increase strength, boost energy, strengthen the immune system, accelerate metabolism, heal those overworked muscles and more.

George’s Aloe Vera is a great detox and wonderful for cats because there is no taste to it. You can add it to her water. It is available at your local health food store. Sodium Ascorbate Crystals is an antioxidant that all cats should be on. It is Vitamin C and helps boosts the immune system as well as keeping the kitty cleaned out. It is also available at your health food store.

Gone were pork fat, butter and heavy whipping cream. Olive Salmon Oil for puppies, Smart Balance and turkey burger became main staples. Salt, fat and cholesterol were cut dramatically.

Baby Steps: Baby steps are essential in figuring out your fitness goals. Start small with a walk around the neighborhood, a short bike ride, or swimming a few laps. Keep track of that fitness starting goal and create a journal of those baby step increases.

Speaking of can openers, try to avoid feeding your cat only wet food. Wet food is more expensive than dry, and it doesn’t provide any abrasion to the teeth to prevent tooth decay and bad breath like dry food does. At least if you must give your cat wet food, try to mix it in with dry food, or rather, wet dry food with water and salmon oil for a meal your cat can enjoy without the cost. Avoiding wet canned cat food also keeps the litter box from being so stinky.

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