How To Use Different Cd Packaging To Promote Your Next Music Cd

There are cynics out there who would tell you that discs should not be duplicated. They would say a whole bunch of reasons but more often, their reasons are all shallow. But there is one thing that they fail to mention. What they are actually talking about is CD duplication done in the confines of their homes. They have not yet tried having professionals do it for them.

From the very first step of bulk cd duplication, up to the finishing process, only quality is provided for you. Professionals include certain tests that verify the integrity of each disc afterwards. So even if you need hundreds of CDs, you can still have peace of mind knowing that your requirement will be met.

You should be burning your audio CDs to CD-R media, not CD-RW media (CD re-writable). Some newer players will play CD-RW discs. But for the most part, the majority of audio CD players will only play CD-R discs.

Check Your Master; I have seen to many projects re-ran because the customer was missing a key data file to a presentation, audio files were out of order for a bands album release, HTML files were not linked, auto-runs were not put in place, etc. The list could go on.

Now for the really cool part! Publishing your CD. Enter the world of Kunaki. This publisher is similar to Lulu in that it is for self-publishing. Be warned they have no customer service. They do have an extensive list of FAQs. Make sure you are comfortable with this.

There are so many professional duplication services that you can find today. Most of the times, these services cater to both small-scale and large-scale production. You could produce hundreds up to a thousand CDs. Each CD would always have the quality that you are looking for.

Include your copyright documents that prove everything on your CD is original by you. Some companies will not copy your disk without this information.

Duplication can be a fast, easy, cost-effective way to make many copies of your CD or DVD. Using the Steps above, the process should be simplified for you and your duplicator. Following these steps should ensure high quality content and prefect images to make your CDs and DVDs useful and professional.

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