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They say poverty begins with the mind. A poor mind can get you nowhere. That is why you need to start alleviating your thinking by incorporating some of the success secrets of millionaires into your life. You will see what difference these secrets can make especially to the way you think, react and feel about your present and future situations.

Use your networking skills. Learn how to use social media platforms and internet marketing strategies. Try doing breakout sessions and continuing education classes. Sell yourself at conventions, book stores, and libraries. Perhaps you could hand out motivation books or a published article’s. Drive listeners to your awesome website.

Brian: Fred Taylor is superior to Warrick Dunn except in staying healthy. Taylor has more rushing yards , more rushing touchdowns and more overall TDs despite playing in 38 fewer career games. Dunn has better receiving totals than Taylor sports motivational speaker but that’s largely because of how they were used. Taylor caught 40 or more passes three times in his career, so he clearly could have been more valuable in the passing game if his team chose to use him that way more often. Taylor would’ve been remembered as one of the top backs in NFL history if he could’ve stayed healthy. As it is, he’ll still be remembered as a better back than Dunn.

Jake: Boxer Leavander Johnson. Now, most of you probably went, “Who?” Leavander Johnson died several days after a fight in Atlantic City a few years ago. He was promoted by the company that I used to intern for and I had met him at a fight card just several weeks before it happened. He had finally won his first championship as a professional fighter, and his own heart and will – not going down and continuing to take punishment – cost him his life.

Research shows that the key difference between the rich and poor is their mindset; the way people think. The rich people have a wealthy mindset: in their minds, they only entertain wealthy thoughts You can see this clearly in lottery winners: Rich lottery winners tend to keep their wealth whereas middle class lottery winners tend to lose what they win because this is their normal mindset.

This is because the more you help others the greater your reward. Bill Gates has made a fortune because Microsoft invents I.T solutions. Another example , after a period of difficulty a man successfully overcomes bankruptcy. He realises that many people facing bankruptcy were unsure what to do. He creates a business and now earns over $100,000 @ year. Zig Ziglar motivational speakers business, best selling author and trainer says if you help enough people get what they want you will have everything you want”.

Open then your own privately owned store or restaurant? That could work. Bear in mind you still need tens of thousands of dollars to get off the ground, and after that you have an over-head cost, insurance, product, etc., hopefully you knew what you got yourself into.

As CEO, your job is to create the best culture and environment to insure company success. Your next job is to create a staff that fits that culture and can work successfully in the environment you created. That’s the doughnut. Know what you have and what works and stay focused on that, not on what is missing. Do this and your company will succeed.

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