Labor Day Weekend Getaways In Southern Indiana

For those of you who are already thinking about your spring and summer getaways this year, how about going on a cruise? Princess Cruises, one of the more popular cruise lines, is offering a 4-day Caribbean Coastal Sampler cruise in the beginning of May. This is not one you want to pass up.

Some coupon websites offer additional discounts to members who refer their friends or acquaintances as prospective members. You not only do your friends a favour by telling them about such sites or deals, you win extra discounts by helping the website attract more traffic.

St. Charles itself has a large casino (The Ameristar), outdoor shops for the avid outdoors-man and the Foundry Art Centre. There are cinemas and golf courses close by. It is the ideal place to forget your problems for a brief period of time.

Applying for new credit cards are also a way to solve the summer money crunch. There are many promotional programs that can be taken advantage of. Read the fine print and understand how the program works in order to get the most out of the promotion. Find a promotion which will suit your needs and fit your lifestyle. Using a credit card with travel promotions which you will never use, may not be the optimal choice.

It is time to generate that list of summer projects you want to complete this year. Time to start planning those weekend Discount getaways or even day outings. I don’t know about every one else but I get excited when summer is approaching. Love to get outdoors and not be bundled from head to toe.

To offset high costs it’s a Weekend getaways good idea to live well outside the city centers on Hong Kong island and the Kowloon side of the harbor. And eat in as much as possible. Seasonal veggies and fresh meats or seafood are very reasonable at traditional markets. Just be sure to haggle to avoid the “expat” tax.

Fredericksburg is my third favorite weekend getaway from Houston within driving distance, but at four hours it is barely pushing my personal limit for a drive. Its saving grace is the scenery. I typically go a few times each year when the weather is nice during the spring or summer. For motorcyclists, I highly recommend a ride here and it is my preferred mode of transportation. The hill country is gorgeous and when you need to relax, it is the ideal destination. Just to take an all day ride is sufficient for me to unwind but I also enjoy all Fredericksburg has to offer.

If your budget is really tight, you might want to add 10% to the total, but if you’ve carefully considered each of these categories when planning couple getaways, you’ll return from your getaway with only happy memories and no debt.

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