Nicki Minaj’s Nip Slip: Gets Jump On Paparazzi, Posts Her Own Boob Shot Online

Two thousand and twelve was an interesting one for the world wide web and social media. Facebook hit half a billion monthly users, Twitter saw half a billion tweets in a single day, YouTube had 800 million unique visits each month with over 4 billion hours of video being watched. LinkedIn had a new user signup every second, Google+ had 5 billion +1’s in a day and 3 million new blogs were published on a monthly basis.

Finding a niche means you focus your expertise on the service that you offer. For starters, try to make your way into the different skill sets that you have. Eventually, it will clear the way for you as to what you really love to do and be an expert on it. Clients are willing to pay higher for expertise and valued service.

The Kardashian’s little sister showed off an enormous new ink in a recent Auto Followers Instagram photo and now the burning question is: “Is Kendall Jenner’s back tattoo real?” The reality star and PacSun clothing designer confirmed, Tuesday, the huge Native American skull tattoo that takes up more than half of her back is as real as sharpie marker. “Thank you @badwoodx for the amazing sharpie tat! I loveeeee you’re amaz!” the 17-year-old captioned the photo.

With this topic alone we could actually write a five article series on traffic generation. However, for the sake of time will just discuss the big three.

Google Authors will be a big thing in 2013. While this one is a bit risky in terms of success, I think news outlets will embrace it. If not only for the SEO value but the credibility of journalists will certainly go up further.

More than half of single U.S. adults say that emailing is common in the dating world, while 64 percent said that texting is the primary form of communication between those that are dating. Kind of sad.

So what is next to be shared? Youtube already has videos down. If you guessed gifs or mini-movies, you are correct. The new thing in social media is Vine. Here you can make a looping video clip of whatever you want and share it with people on other social networks. Lots of creativity found in this little app/social network. I recommend it for the aspiring mini-director artistic person in you.

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