Should You Take Your Cat To Work?

Have you ever gone to an animal rescue where the cats are treated royally? Me neither. Most shelters have stacks of cat carriers as well as a playroom with cat beds and cat toys. The playrooms are crowded with cats, some of which don’t particularly like being with other cats. I thought this was pretty much the norm until I read about the Washington Animal Rescue League.

When you get a bed for your kitty, don’t be surprised if she ignores it completely initially. If she refuses to explore the bed, you may want to add a toy to the bed to attract her attention. Try putting the bed in a cat friendly, least traffic, location to make it more appealing to her.

How many times have you taken your dog to a fenced dog park with no water available? This is not always a problem as most larger parks are on water or near a source of water. Many have fountains for both dogs and humans. I live very close to a great park that is not to big but is totally fenced and enough space for a good game of fetch but there is no water source. I have to carry water which means I drive instead of walk. A gallon of water weighs a lot for a mile walk.

Even during the summertime, we keep our air-conditioning running 24/7. This 72 degree air is colder than a cat considers comfortable, so a warm cozy bed is still desired and appreciated.

Our Raised Kattesenge are built right here in the USA, using a White PVC Molded Frame and a sheepskin bed platform. The frame assembles in seconds, without any tools required. The locking frame joints ensure that, once assembled, your cat bed is stable and secure. The sheepskin bedding platform can be easily removed for cleaning, and cats love the comfortable surface.

It is a well-known fact that your cat will be happy to sleep in the same room with you, but the pet won’t enjoy sleeping in your bed because of your movement and attention. Felines need a lot of sleep and they take napping very seriously. In case the cat sleeps in the room which is most frequently used by your family, place the bed on a non-competitive spot where children can’t reach it and can’t disturb the cat.

Note: be careful not to make your cat run or walk too much the first few days because it could be dangerous. Make the process slow initially and increase the rhythm little by little over time.

There are lots of condo designs that you and your cat will be pleased about. For your cat, the piece of furniture will be a means to play and relax. For you, on the other hand, it could be a great aesthetic addition to the living room or to any corner of your home. Cat condos are not designed to be plain despite the fact that they have been built to make domesticated felines relax. But what are the specific features that can make the furniture successful ?

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