Simplify Your Preparedness Plan: Start With Food And Water

Even though weight loss comes primarily from diet you will want to incorporate a good exercise plan into your life as well. This will help you to increase your caloric limits as well as tone up the flabbier parts of your body. It will also help greatly in the battle against loose skin.

Talk to your family and tell them where to go in case of an earthquake. Prepare a space in your home that is your safe spot, and make sure everyone knows where it is. It should be away from windows, electrical lines, and furniture that can fall. An interior wall is a good choice, or an interior bathroom. Have a secondary meeting place picked out in case the earthquake damages your home to a degree where it is no longer safe. Choose an outdoor location away from hazards.

Be a Considerate Neighbor: Do not buy every battery on the shelf. Most stores receive shipments more than once a week. Everyone who wasn’t prepared needs batteries as much as you do. Buy batteries only for essential items – a gaming system is not an essential item during an electrical outage.

The face of hunger in Tennessee looks like your neighbor, your child’s best friend, the woman who gives you your coffee at Starbucks in the morning and the man selling newspapers by your office every day. It could be the coworker you sat next to who was laid off last month or the new mother at the doctor’s office you saw last week. Hunger impacts one in six Tennesseans, and with those numbers, it is likely you’ve seen someone today who will be going hungry tonight.

Food items such as carrots, banana peels, chunks of chicken or pieces of pumpkin are very difficult items for the garbage disposal blades to chop, and they can become tangled or caught and clog up the drain. Throw these hard-to-grind foods into the trash instead of the disposal.

In Tennessee, the numbers are what drive Chap Oscar searching for answers. One in five children in TN are at risk for hunger In Middle Tennessee alone, Second Harvest Food Bank provides more than 213,000 Survival UK boxes annually. The need for food assistance has risen 36% over the past five years. Of those receiving services from Second Harvest Food Bank, 32% of them have had to choose between purchasing food and paying for medicine.

A small portable emergency weather radio. You may not be able to hear storm warnings in your safe room, and you will certainly want to know when the danger has passed. Store batteries separately. A crank emergency weather radio that doesn’t require any other power source is always a good choice.

During these events, volunteers help pack 192 boxes of non-perishable food which are later distributed to clients. Volunteers should be ages 7 and up. Manna takes reservations one month at a time, beginning on the first of the month before the event. To register, please email the date, the number of people who will be attending and your phone number.

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