Songwriting Ideas – How To Find Inspiration

‘SALES’ is a difficult field. It can take the wind out of your sails. After all, convincing someone of an idea that even you do not sometimes believe in has got to be a difficult job. You have first got to formulate strategies to beat the counter question of a would-be buyer. You cannot try unethical means to realize sales of course. So what enables you to take up this challenge on a lean curve?

When: Reflect on the times in your life when you’ve been most inspired. It might even have been during other tough times, when it took all your considerable talent just to get by. But were you happy, and excited about the future? What made you that way? The answer’s different for everyone, so turn some attention to figuring out what turned you on then… and you might find you’re able to replicate those conditions now.

Case in point, about ten years ago my father found out he had prostate cancer. A few days after the surgery when I was visiting with him he began to talk about all the people who had come to visit him, who prayed for him, who sent him cards and flowers. He then said to me, “I’ve really got a lot of friends.” That simple statement has stuck with me these years because I believe that those around him gave him positive motivation to aid his recovery. He is now cancer free and healthy as ever.

You can find Let’s be friends and creativity with just 20 minutes per day. spend more time if you want to, but it can be done just spending half an hour a day roughly, trying one or more of these ideas. If you have more time and want to try several at once then go ahead, it will only benefit you.

For example, when you see a video clip of a destination holiday on the television, you are drawn and motivated to get to that specific destination. This is usually what marketers or advertisers try to do when they lure to you to buy their products. When you make an effort to find the resources to get you to the holiday destination, you are driven by a T motivation.

In order to be motivated there needs to be something in it for you. Even if you are motivated to help others, it makes you feel good; it gives you satisfaction, a purpose. You need to create and have a good reason to put in continuous effort. Why else would you put in the effort and generally give up doing something else that you might otherwise enjoy?

If you do the things listed here you will build your self up. You will have a strong positive attitude. And that will keep you doing the work that it takes to hit your goals. You will be able to keep going despite conditions or circumstances.

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