Ten Ways To Get Cheap (And Free) Magazine Samples

One of the most accessible markets to freelance photographers is the magazine or publishing market. With so many titles scattered across the world you aren’t limited to a single language magazine. Most editors are looking for fresh new styles of photos so you are always in with a chance if your images are really good quality. Many professionals have used magazines as their springboard to success so here is how to make it yours.

An even better option is to find writing contests. Many literary magazines run contests for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, offering awards, prize money, and publication. In winning a contest you win a few things: you now have a contest/award to put in your bio, you now have a magazine that published your work, and you earned some spending money in the process. This is a slam dunk.

Tip # 2. Publishers usually give the highest prices in terms of subscriptions. The discount you get when you subscribe through your publisher may only be around 5 to 10%. The only advantage of subscribing directly from the publisher is that you usually get your issues faster, especially the first issue.

Pass them on to another scrapbooker. Your scrapbook magazines can find new life in someone else’s hands. Don’t assume that just because it’s an issue from last year that the contents are “dated” or out of fashion. Newer scrapbookers in particular can benefit from seeing older magazines, as they haven’t yet caught the bug that requires them to invest in new products every time the store restocks.

Limit the amount of read articles you subscribe to. Once a year re-evaluate all the magazines you subscribe to. Have you outgrown or moved on from the subject matter? When you open your mail box and see it does it bring joy or guilt? Magazines you purchase are supposed to bring knowledge, inspiration, and joy NOT guilt!

When a guy reads health magazines for men, he’s usually up to date on a variety of subjects. Many of the magazines have human interest stories that can tug at a guy’s heartstrings. There’s also gadget information as well as fashion sections. Besides all of those reasons to give your guy the present of health magazines for men, there are many different contests that he can win. Magazines like those always have some sort of sweepstakes running, and wouldn’t it be great if your guy entered and won? Then the magazines really would be the best present ever.

Give them to your child’s teachers. Most teachers, especially elementary teachers, are always looking for new ideas for low-cost crafts for their classroom. A scrapbook magazine may be the perfect spark to get their creative juices flowing. They’ll be particularly appreciative of holiday issues, as those tend to include more themed projects.

I usually carry two spare magazines and I have one in my firearm. These are the cleanest, freshest magazines that I own. I load them with specific ammunition suited to the hunt or for personal protection.

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