The Electric Can Opener

Bathing and washing can be painful and difficult for someone suffering from arthritis. An occupational therapist can pinpoint areas where difficulties may arise and suggest simple but effective solutions. Rails on the bathroom wall are useful, and rails on the edge of the bath are vital as soon as getting in and out proves painful. A non slip rubber mat on the bottom of the bath is a wise safety measure. Taps that have push up and down controls are easier than ones that have to be turned. If you have problems with your wrists and shoulders, a back brush may be awkward to use, opt instead for a back scrubbing strap.

15. Scrubbing bubbles: Freshen your toilet by dropping two antacid or denture tablets into the stool. Let this sit for 20 minutes, use the toilet brush and then flush. Cola soda also works much the same way but it takes an hour for the soda to work.

But what of the prediction of a series of killer hurrcanators aiming for the evil US for not signing onto Kyoto? I have battened down the hatches. I am ready to go. I have laid in years of canned food. I have had my windows boarded up since 2005 ya know! My vehicles are always full of gas and my emergency kit is raring to go, yet there it sits lonely as Hell. And what of the thousands of sandbags I have surrounding my property? They are dry-rotting for Heaven’s sake! Where is a tropical depression when ya need it?

If you notice a spike in your bill, have your home checked out. It might cost you a small lump sum to have a professional look at your electrical wiring, but it is usually worth it in the long run to locate a problem, especially if you live in an older home. Sometimes faulty or damaged wiring can cause electricity to be wasted by going to a bad breaker or causing the good wiring to work overtime. Never hesitate to ask your company to check your meter if you think the bill is unusually high. You can also get a print out from the company showing the amount of electricity the meter recorded being used over a period of time and pinpoint what points in the day the most electricity is used.

Here are a few lessons I learned from the everyday heroes of Southern Illinois. I hope these lessons will help you if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Do you need kitchen items? Big Lots has them, too. Any small appliances, such as an black and decker spacemaker, crock pot, blender, toaster, or toaster oven can be found here. Other things you will find are dish collections, flatware, tablecloths, pot and pan sets, baking equipment, and any hand held kitchen gadgets that you my possibly need.

If you’ve got any item made of silver, and it’s got grooves and crevices… then a toothbrush makes an excellent cleaning tool. It can get the silver polish into these places where a cleaning cloth can’t.

To the firefighters, electricians, road crews, police officers, radio announcers, county workers, utility crews, Red Cross, emergency relief workers, churches, and in general to anyone who did even just a little to help someone along the way during this disaster, thank you. You are an everyday hero.