The Power Of Inspiration

Going to where the growth is, will be the most reliable and simplest strategy you can use for your product or business. Find and ride the growth wave for as long as possible. This is the perfect opportunity to sell something with an increase in demand. This is so important to understand, because a shrinking or stagnant market will be much more difficult to sell to.

So I spent the week waiting for name inspiration. This got me thinking about walk with me in general and wondering how many sit around and wait for inspiration to hit. You see, that’s something I can’t do. While I was waiting for the name to make itself known, I continued to work on the other images I’m preparing for the gallery. I continued to work on the description that was to accompany each photo. I continued to work on a variety of things that sit patiently in my creative magic box.

There are certain tasks where I purposefully kill the motivation. Sometimes I want to jog. I can only jog for 30m. However, if I watch a video about sports where the speaker shows he can run up to 2 hours straight, I’m pumped, I have that motivation as if I could run 2 hours myself. If I retain that motivation I’m probably going to have an unpleasant surprise after 20m of jogging. Oh boy. So before I start I cut the motivation. I get my feet down to earth and ask myself: Is this realistic? Does this motivation have a base? Sometimes I make negative presuppositions. I’m worse than ever. I can’t jog even 5m. Motivation might break that connection between you and reality, and you have to connect it back.

The pituitary gland releases Human growth Hormone in minute amounts, during the hours of sleep. During sleep, HGH helps repair the body, stimulating the growth of new muscle, bone and to replenish the cells with amino acids. With plenty of Human Growth Hormone, the effects of aging are reduced.

Not only does the subconscious generate all emotions, it uses emotions as a guide for decision-making which is the important key to remember in regards to motivation. Our subconscious is driven by emotion, which means one part of the motivation puzzle is emotionally generated.

It’s true. We do not know all the thoughts and ideas that are stored away in the subconscious mind. The active, well-fed imagination revels in having an idea to work with. The interesting thing about the imagination – the more it’s used, the better it works. So give it lots to work with!

If you want to have motivation, use positive affirmations and self talk. You can learn how to deliver motivation by using positive self talk and affirmations because these are such powerful tools that you can apply for your self improvement and also to other people so that they may be able to have the motivation they need to achieve their goals. Positive self talk and affirmations will not work if there is no emotion to go with it. You have to remember that this can only work when intense emotions are used with it. You should try this for three weeks and see how this can greatly change your life. Through this, you may be able to stay motivated and impart to others how to deliver motivation to change their lives as well.