Tips For Getting A Pharmacy Technician Certification

Is it worth becoming a pharmacy technician? First of all, I can’t answer that for you. What I can do instead though is a give you a general overview of some of the good points and bad points as I see them and then let you make up your own mind.

University of Cincinnati is one of the first college around as it was established in 1819 . This university stands strong and offers pharmacy related programs such as Master of Science, Doctor of certified pharmacy tech and Doctor of Philosophy.

You don’t have to use your insurance – Just because you have prescription insurance, does not mean you have to use it. Most prescription insurance companies set their generic co-pays at $10 or $15. Check the cash price of your medication for a three month supply. Is it less than three times your co-pay? If so, you can pay cash and save money by not using your insurance plan.

Benefits: Most of the time when you are a technician you’ll be working for larger corporations. And, as such, they are used to paying benefits for their employee’s. Sometimes the benefits are extraordinary.

Know your drug names. One of the most popular questions on the https://charterhealthcaretraining.com/certified-pharmacy-tech/ technician certification exam is to simply ask you what a specific drug name is used for. You can easily study for these types of question by preparing flash cards for yourself. Get a list of the top 100-200 drugs that are most common and make up some flash cards to test yourself. Don’t stress about drug names because they are easy to remember and many times if you don’t know the answer, you can take a guess. You have to love multiple choice tests!

Payment Options. Many have not pursued their studies and build a new career because they have a tight budget. But if you choose the school that will fit perfectly for you, then that will never be the case again. You can look for schools that offer payment plans that have no interests. Through that, you can finish your studies without having to pay a large amount of student debt.

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