Turning Your Blog Into A Money Machine

Are you frustrated with your lack of profits online? It’s probably because you’re probably not getting enough target traffic. In this article I’m going to discuss a few ways that I use to make money online and that you can do the same in a short amount of time.

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blog s need content. You can supply that content. Your first step is to create your own peartrees, which acts as your portfolio. Once your blog is established — within a week or two — advertise your availability to blog for others on your blog. You can also use the many classifieds sites to advertise your services.

There are other tools you can get to help you too; website templates, niche market keyword research tools, article writing tools, the list is endless.

What will you do when your main source of traffic stops producing? How will you generate sales? You will more than likely have to start all over again – and use free marketing this time instead of paid advertising. Because if paid advertising doesn’t work for you, something will have to give.

I suspect just about everyone here is familiar with article marketing as a means of getting free links, and that’s a tried and true method. You can also often score free links (sometimes even from big name bloggers) by simply writing about cool stuff. Don’t just buy packs of articles from people… go out and do research to find cool things (funky new products or innovative solutions to problems) to write about, and then send a “tip” to bloggers in your niche. They might want to cover that story too and chances are they’ll give you a credit link.

I don’t see any reason to “settle down” at this point — there are too many things to see, places to visit and people to meet. How could you trade those things for a house fastened to the ground?

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