Unique Women’s Gifts For All Occasions

Going green? It’s easy to do with St Patrick Day gifts and edible delights on St. Paddy’s Day. You may be sitting in a pub feasting, drinking and toasting the Irish today.

Create dots by following the steps above. Allow the chocolate to cool somewhat before placing it in the bottle. Dispense the chocolate onto wax paper to create the dots. Chocolate should be thick enough to where you have to squeeze it out. It should not be so thin that it runs out the second you turn the bottle upside-down. Place the dots in the freezer and they’ll set up quickly. Frozen dots can be stacked several layers high. Stacking the chocolate dots while they’re still warm means they’ll be flattened when you go to use them.

Bring something to do at the hospital in case there’s a long wait. As a dad, you may get downtime while she takes a nap or family members visit. Of course, pulling out a magazine or playing around with your iPod during contractions isn’t going to score you any points with a laboring woman. Timing is key.

The bridal shower invitations can be traditional cards or even e-cards. Most people have an e-mail address, so an electronic invitation might be a feasible free option for your shower. If you have a larger budget, you might be interested in sending out candy shop singapore bars as bridal shower invitations. Regardless of what form of invitations you decide to use, make sure they are sent out two to six months in advance.

For those who feel that this dessert may be overdone or boring, try an experiment for a personal touch. With all the gourmet personalized chocolates out there, see what new tastes can be made. Whether it is dark chocolate, almonds, or an extra creamy milk chocolate, this old dog can have new tricks.

What’s stopping you from doing it yourself and “rolling your own” so to speak? Grab a pan, grab some strawberries and chocolate, get a cookie sheet with some parchment paper and you are good to go with a few more details…

You can have you name printed on the wrapper and bold letters so there will be no mistaking whose they are. If that is not enough you can have an additional message printed on the inside of the wrapper so that when the thieves steal a bar and unwrap it they will be greeted with a steer message of your own. If your name is not enough on the wrappers then you may decide to opt for something a little more straight forward. You may want to have them also print on the outside of the wrapper. My chocolate, Hands Off.

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