Untangling Car Advert Jargon

Volvo Cars have a long and amazing history that spans over years and decades. Starting from 1927, to today, they have been manufacturing cars for over eighty years. And over the years, they have only improved.

Kilowatts – A measurement of power. The more kilowatts, the more power – and in car speak this usually means greater speed. 1 kW = 1.341 bhp (brake horsepower).

Hence, the human body has the digestive system and the excretory system. Likewise, the truck has its own emissions control system, and then the exhaust system. Both systems help the truck filter out combusted fuels as well as noxious waste or emissions. Noticeably, both the human body and the truck follow the same principle.

So, go back two paragraphs and then you’ll find the answer to the original question is money, instant gratification and short-term thinking. I thought the American public would have seen through the smoke and mirrors during the energy crisis of the 1970’s but, even after a couple more times when the oil manipulators have controlled the lives of willing consumers, there are still those who haven’t.

3) Emails that don’t go through Ebay or Yahoo Auctions (Many of these fraudulent transactions have occurred because someone emails a bidder that is not the winning bidder and tells them they are and to send them their last bid price – All Ebay transactions will have winning bidder notifications from and through the Ebay email system).

Now find the flange on the scrap O2 sensor recycling. It will have two bolts that you will need to remove. Be careful in this process because your whole exhaust system is only supported by two rear hangers on the muffler. This is where it will be handy to have a helping hand. Have your buddy hold up the front section of the system, otherwise it will crash to the ground.

ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System – referred to as active safety, ABS prevents your car skidding under hard braking. If you’re skidding, you can’t steer or control the car. In practice, wheel sensors can tell when the wheels are locked (skidding) and deliver a message to the brakes to tell them to ease off to allow the driver to avoid skid and correct steering. You can often feel this happening – the brake pedal vibrates beneath your foot, it feels a bit like you’re driving over ripple strips.

Now multiply our tire’s revolving speed, by the tire’s outside circumference, and we find that the tire is covering 18,016 feet per minute, divide that by the 5280 feet in a mile, and we find we are covering 3.412 miles per minute, now multiply that by the 60 minutes in an hour, and we find we are traveling 204.7miles per hour @ 6800rpm in 6th gear. If the engines redline is increased to 7500rpm, which it often is, because of a higher flowing turbo. Then our maximum speed would be 225.8mph, given enough power of course.