Waiting For Inspiration

Most people will tell you that, in order to reach peak performance, you have to motivate yourself. Well, let me disagree. I am here to tell you today that the best motivation for peak performance can be anti-motivation. Motivation itself can actually be harmful in some cases. It’s a double-edged sword you have to use carefully. Why? Let’s check it out in detail. What is the whole point of motivation? If we look at it in depth, motivation only serves to help you reach something. You don’t just get motivated. You get motivated to do something. So, if you don’t do that something, it’s no use being motivated.

Look for a sense of purpose to drive sales motivation – if you have a direction and a focus, if you know which way to make the leap, then you will stand a better chance of doing well through sales motivation.

At this level, inspiration has a spiritual quality. Dr Wayne Dyer points out that the word inspiration includes this dimension as ‘in-spirit-ion’. Literally the word inspire means to ‘breathe life into’ (the opposite of expire!).

My friend left the table to visit the restroom, and I was left alone with my thoughts about our intense discussion. Had I really “heard” the message correctly in my own heart or mind? I thought I’d given my friend the product of real get inspired – the kind of Heaven-sent message I believe all of us have available to us all the time but are usually deaf to hearing – but had I, really? Had I given her a good idea, or a disastrous one? Would following my advice needlessly cost her a lot of money? Was hers a problem that would, as her other friends had suggested, be better solved by tough-mindedness than by extraordinary generosity?

While work on the hen house was still in full swing, I had a day off. It was the most marvellous sunny weather with just a gentle cooling breeze. I went walking in the Severn Valley, just a few miles downstream to where the Industrial Revolution started three centuries ago.

Sometimes, though, you lose your inspiration, gradually or all at once. How do you get that passion back? Maybe it started with second-guessing yourself and thinking you went into business or moved to another state for the wrong things, or the wrong reason. Maybe you became discouraged, downtrodden, even had your pride hurt, a little or a lot. It doesn’t matter what your religion is or what you call your higher power, but sometimes, when you feel like you are asking your higher power to help you make a decision, to show you the way, the answer may not be clear. Perhaps your higher power is distant, in your eyes. No, you higher power hasn’t abandoned you.

Our world would be completely different if we were not inspired. I am fairly sure that we would still be sitting around in caves, trying to come up with an idea on how to stay warm in the winter.

There’s no limit to how happy you can be! Just go out there and be your very best you! Your happiness will in turn motivate those around you so it’s really win-win!