What To Do If Your Cat Is A Picky Eater

When cats urinate for physiological elimination, they do it on horizontal or flat surfaces, e.g. the ground of the litter box. When they use their urine to mark their territory, cats spray on vertical surfaces. In both cases the urine may come in contact with a carpet or some furniture.

Moist food – Some people prepare their own moist food for their cats made from the ingredients purchased in the grocery store and health food store. Home made foods are considered good for the health of the cat and these foods should be prepared with care. The leftovers should be disposed immediately and should not be used as scrap for the cat at the next meal. This process causes severe health problems in the cat.

I determine what my cats have allergies to by a couple or more reactions: I feed them different food for a week. I then watch very closely to see if they have a reaction to it; if they do then I read the label and what the ingredients are and the next day I read the ingredients on the new food and if none of that food has the ingredients the food from the other day had, I feed this new food to them. I do this for a week with the wet food and the following week for the dry food and monitor it very closely for all the cats. The above system works very well for one cat but it does take longer for 4 cats for signs to show up.

Let us take a look at it this way. In the wild, a cat loves to eat mouse. So, what are the nutritional content of a mouse? It has 3 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent protein and 50 percent fats. By eating this prey for some time, the cat has been able to maintain its healthy body from ancient times all the way to the present. But many of the commercial foods that are available for cats in the pet stores do not carefully consider the nutritional needs of the cat. So many of the illnesses that cat suffer from today is actually a result of the diet we feed it.

Firstly you need food; this is the most important thing for the pet. Take in to consideration whether the cat is a kitten, cat or an elderly cat. This will determine the type of food it needs as it may need added vitamins and minerals. You will need a combination of Best Cat Food for Weight Loss and dry food for a varied diet. Mostly cats will drink water but sometimes they will enjoy some milk.

Having said that, imagine what happens to a cat if it is fed with a lot of carbohydrates? This results in cats that are obese. It is now common to find cats that are too fat for their own health. It is known that there are 35-40 percent obese cats in the general popular population of domestic cats. An obese cat has a four times greater risk to develop diabetes milletus than a non-obese cat. They also become too lazy to move because of their size. Also, they develop non-allergic skin disease because they have difficulty cleaning their bodies due to their heavy weights.

There are many dry cat foods available. With knowledge of cat nutrition and an understanding of what makes dry cat food healthy, you are well under way of starting the cat food reviews process.

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