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Usually the last thing on a college student’s mind is a career. Most of us, whether in college now or long time alums, had more important things to worry about in between classes. Like parties, roommates and a cute lab partners. However, between the parties and getting your hot lab partner’s number, you should think about what you want to do in life. I know what you’re telling yourself, you went to college so you could get away from your parents hounding you about what you want to do in life. But even you as a college undergrad have that moment of realisation that graduation will soon arrive and the time has come to think about a career path.

Now that you have your resume written, you need to find places to submit it to. You could always go through a recruiter who has a list of jobs in your field open and can match you to them. You could also try using contacts you have in the business – call all your old friends and coworkers to try to ferret out any openings and companies who might be interested in working for. Finally you can check the papers and serch jobs online websites.

DO know that jokes you find funny might be offensive to someone else. Racial discrimination, even if you come about it unintentionally, isn’t something you want to be involved in while in the mist of a job search. Today, companies pride themselves in having a diverse workplace. Anything that even gives the remote impression that you won’t fit into that environment can hurt your job search.

Does this mean that the new recruiter is in an advantageous position? I don’t think so. Even though you are highly trained to do your job properly, that does not mean that you will fit in the new job role and office atmosphere and start delivering great results from day one. I agree that you know your job better than others and you are a hardcore professional. But this does not guarantee that the company will get benefits from you from day one. It is not just about what you do – especially in the executive or management level, you alone can not deliver great results. You must prove yourself as a team man first and than work together with the team to push the company forward. And, becoming a “team man” requires a lot of time and conscious efforts.

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Developing other sources of income can help greatly in alleviating your financial situation. You can either work extra hours or get a part-time job. Online you will find a vast array of job opportunities that pay quite good.

CollegeRecruiter: It is a network that is rapidly expanding its base today. What started out as an ideal platform or college students to get jobs, branched out for other experienced job seekers as well.

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