Working Smarter Versus Working Harder To Market And Grow Your Business

Think of making your life easier in terms of submitting articles to article directories like this? A lot of people know that great backlinks can come from submitting articles to article directories. The hard part is to submit them to hundreds of these directories. You have to type a lot of things in a lot of websites just to accomplish this.

It is more because they’re AFRAID. Afraid of not receiving what you promise. Afraid of receiving too many emails than you promised. Afraid of receiving emails that are not highly-relevant to what you promise on the blog, and so on.

Kyle Busch is exactly the kind of personality that NASCAR needs. Love him or loathe him, everyone can agree that Busch is the exact opposite of vanilla.

WordPress doesn’t allow affiliate links to be used on their see how long I walk, so making money by hosting a blog on their servers is difficult. Ideally, you should start your blog on your own server, preferably in the root of the domain.

Add your blog to Google Places so that the many people who use Google online will know about your blog. If you are linked with Google Maps and other services, it will make your blog more visible. If your blog represents your small business, this will be particularly helpful in attracting local customers to your actual location. Another good thing is that Google Places makes it easy to track your visitors.

If you really want to sell more books, then get to know Amazon. Join their Search Inside the Book Program. I always love reading those extra nuggets of information that often make the difference between purchasing a book or not purchasing a book. Get listed with Amazon’s book awards program. Lots of indie authors get into Amazons book competition. Post reviews on other Amazon book authors and remember to leave your Jane Doe signature. Did you know that Amazon does have a “real people” customer service phone-line. Don’t forget to have a killer book cover design because that will help you to sell books with Amazon or any other site.

A key way to generate repeat visitors is to have a comment section and encourage readers to leave their thoughts and questions. You can then use these thoughts or questions in your upcoming blogs. Allowing your blog visitors to leave comments on your posts will encourage open discussion and debate. This encourages repeat visits and also changes and grows the content of your posts.

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